Raw Lingonberry Bar

Hello co creators, today, I would like to introduce you an enormous disovery (on discovery channel) and it is a really sexy raw lingonberry bar, yumm. You may go nuts after eating it, and it is so simple. You need only 4 ingredients, which are all stimulating to your system. It is best if you have a food process, if not – then you are in a same situation as me. Good luck mate, Who said that being on raw is so rawlicious?

We will be using lingonberries, which are notorious for their anti-inflammatory properties, they are good for increasing the blood flow in your arterial system and they are supposedly good for oral health. As well, they are good for you gas tract and help to sharpen your creative juices, if you have any urinary tract issues. Awesome – yes it seems so!

Next in the line, our good tasting brain cells.. yes they are Walnuts! Nuts that supposedly boost the quality of sperm, this seems to be a true roller-rooster of one’s manly powers. They also improve the quality of heart, fighting bad colesterol and other heart diseases. And again, they improve our fascinating bone health by easing the process of calcium absorption. Ps: it wasn’t all, but I love my columns even.

Oh la la, it is time for Coconut oil, l’huile de noix de coco. Coconut oil is just awesome, it is full on antioxidants, it helps to prevent gum disease and makes your skin glow like an angel. It has medium length fat acids, which means that our body burns it really swiftly. As so they say: ” L’huile de coco brûle les calories.” It is said to be a superfat and also really important thickener in such cases as raw bars.

And our last amazing superfood is loaded with middle-eastern fantasies – yes, the dates and the genies. Dates are awesome sweets, you can eat them like candies. So beware the hunger of the sugar, you may  become a sweet dot in a spot. They are rich in minerals and also.. as with our previous foods.. they boost our sexual function. And, they say that dates are excellent for our muscle development. Take that! Eat only avocados and dates, to become muscular.


  • Dates (1 cup)
  • Walnuts (2 cups)
  • Lingonberries (half cup or more)
  • Coconut oil (few spoonfuls)


  1. Soak the dates and walnuts beforehand. Soak walnuts for the content of tannins and dates for making them softer to blend.
  2. Throw all the gorgeous ingredients into a blender.
  3. Blend them together.
  4. Voila, store the paste in a bar mold.
  5. You can also dehydrate your Sexy Lingonberry bar and it will become more crunchy.
Raw muffins in dehydrator

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