Veggie Burgers


Well there may be many good opportunities to nourish your soul with nutrition, but there are some other things, which are essential as well. Many people have asked from me, what to I do and how do I get by in my life. And, my answer is always – I do everything, that I find really exciting and enjoyable. So being passionate about one’s life is the goal, everything else is just a side dish.

Although, it has not always been that easy, you have got family, friends and other people who think you have gone nuts. There comes the first rule that is really essential in doing what you like. It is having a really strong faith in your passion. Even if you are doing the first baby steps, it is important to keep the faith.

This is a great interview, which is really inspirationally blissful Following our bliss.

Other thing is being really honest with your own needs and understanding the background of real abundance. Having a conventional career has been a big lie for me, I am an active person by my habits. It is much easier being spontaneous and open to the blessings of universe, rather than being passive and obliged to do something.

More over, those choices have brought some distress and conflicts into my life as well, but it all has been a release. When you clean your mind and body from garbage, then it becomes really easy to figure out – who you are! As Morrissey says “I am an human and I need to be loved.”

The Smiths – There is A light That Never Goes Out

And, the first aspect of love, is self love. Appreciating all of your achievements, your being and your desires. Always when someone tries to dictate your being, it is just a reflection of your inner conflict. When things become settled and this flow of ease comes into life, then it is just a beginning of immerse creation.

We all are precious diamonds in the sky! We just have to take back our power and find out our own essence of the soul. 🙂



Bottom layer:



  1. Mix the salt, fenugreek and chili into the pulp.
  2. Make it into even pancakes.
  3. Put them into a dehydrator and hydrate until they are solid.




  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Chili
  • Salt


  1. Grind cucumber and avocado into a bowl.
  2. Add the salt and chili.

Preparation of the Burger:


  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Yellow zucchini


  1. Slice onion, tomatoes and zucchini into likeable slices.
  2. Start adding sauce and onion to the bottom layer.
  3. Next add some more sauce, tomatoas and zucchini to cover everything up.
  4. Enjoy this fantastic awesomeness! 🙂

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