Heart Plate

This delicios miracle came out of my experiment with essential oils and avocado. It was marvellous and opened my heart to a whole new lever. Some people say, that you can stimulate the function of your organs with food. And, I felt it so true in my heart, as avocado has the ability to gently massage your heart muscles. The other key component was lavender essential oil, which is this romantis essence of love. It’s fragrance and taste completely fit into the flavour of avocado.

Combining the right colours in food is also essential. When I added those ingredients together, I was thinking about human auric vortex. The colours that surround our body, as we are literally walking rainbows. To really stimulate the heart higher consciousness connection, I used a purple onion as well. There seems to be a really pure magic formula between green and purple, one that sparks new sparks of love into one’s heart.

Another thing to sharpen up the food, was the cucumber, which is also really pleasant to our hearts and has got a strong association with the blissful aspect of fertility. And, the magicians favourite plant sage. It cleanses our body and opens up the breathing channels.. It is just beautiful, to combine different colours together, same goes with everything else you do. I really like this association with people and their cars, you see by the appearance of the car a lot into the hidden-self on another person.

Some people have got those orange cars, and it is awesome. You can feel that creative spark in them, and sometimes you get overwhelmed sitting in a toilet. One very fragile, also tempting, toilet was themed in red tones. Red is a colour of our root-spin, it is mother earth, it is also a tempting passion – the power to be you. You can experience every nuance of each colour in that way. Walls of my healing room are yellow, which stimulate the well-being of the soul – therefore I get lost in there for many hours each-time I am there.

Looks strange, heh




  • Yellow zucchini
  • Cucumber
  • Tomato
  • Leaves of sage
  • Salt, spices and pepper


  • Avocado
  • Purple onion
  • Sage
  • Few drops of essential oil of Lavender
  • Salt


  1. Cut zucchini, cucumber and tomato into slices.
  2. Put them on a plate in a way you like.
  3. Sprinkle some salt and spices.


  1. In a blender combine avocado, onion, sage and essential oil of Lavender.
  2. Pour it over the dish.
  3. And, enjoy! 🙂

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