Carbon Change

In the end of the article there is interesting interview with Radiohead’s singer Thom Yorke and Ecological thinker George Monbiot.

Very clear message is coming out from many different people. We must do something, we must change our mental behaviours to commit into forming an honest society. The truth on carbon fuels, the health of our oceans and the needs of general population indeed.

There are many people contributing into change, but there comes a time when they have to be united. Like this protest against racism in Helsinki was really inspiring. There is a power in the people and union. We all can do it, like this Estonian man, who said let’s do it and now on the list of antipacory upcoming events there is a World Cleanup Day 2018.

There is so much hope, and blindness is just unwillingness to see. I invite you all to see with your clear eyes, the discussion is not the conflict, it is the commitment. Talking about our issues, we can begin making an impact for a change, which our ecosystem dearly needs.

Our planet deserves much care and love. We are the ones, who are able to give it. There is no they, we all are in the same pudding making a co-contribution all together. It is time to clean our asses and wipe our mouths from lazy words. Let’s discuss together, let’s make it happen. We can invite our friends, our families into the big change. Only thing we need, is willingness.…/thom-yorke-and-george-monbiot-we-h…

#radiohead #thomyorke #georgemonbiot #climatechange#carbonemissions #globalpeace #wecancontribute


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