Banana-Cinnamon Cake

Life is exciting and what makes it exciting is passion. This love of life, this joy in being embodied on this sacred planet. Every day I feel more relaxed, determined and powered when I am eating raw food diet. Food, that we eat, really creates our reality, I am having a constant smile on my face. It is really strange, because in the past I have had some struggle being with myself. Mostly in the mornings, but now everything I do, has become so enjoyable.

Life is in total flames of bliss and everything seems to be settling down. All kinds of old weaknesses are being cured, and this emotional instability is almost gone. I no longer need to argue with myself, to make a decision. Everything  become so graceful, that it feels like I am living in a wonderland. All those little blisters on daily ongoings have been resolved. People I used to conflict with, have become so easy to handle. My over-expanding friendliness is fierce, as to say, and emotions have become so stabile.


Date paste on top and make it into a roll 🙂

I am joyful, blissful and calm at the same moment. How is this all possible? It is this heaven of eating raw foods. Come and join the club, give a go – for a week, for a month. It is all how you prefer to settle with your own life. Make peace with your own being and have enormous amount of free energised molecules jumping around your body. Of course, making this decision may be difficult for some, or finding the right nutritional balance, but life is easy. Trust your intuition, always take the easy turn – I mean the real easy turn, which also satisfies all of your needs! 🙂

I would have loved to eat them straight away



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