L’aromathérapie pour votre Santé

Blissful Phloxes

Being passionate about different healing modalities, I have come to a conclusion, it is really important to mix everything up. Because everything associated with healing is wholesome and incorporates really much raising one’s vibration of the body.

Sometimes you to an energy healing session, then some soundtherapy and after that some massage. But, people must anchor those new vibrations into their bodies. When something starts moving in your body, it is important to relearn your bodily functions again.

One of the prime contributors for health recovery is drinking a lot of water every day. Energised water is the best choice – from spring, or herbal water. Options are many, but drinking after a healing session is a must. One cool way is to use blue water bottles as well, they have energising effect on the liquids in general.

After having your body hydrated, then comes proper nutrition. Many people get many treatments, but nothing really changes. They just become more confused, but it is very often because of our diets. We tend to stick to our old eating habits, and there is no room for the body to heal.

Important thing is to cut off the old subliance of malware from your system, one aspect of that are the thinking patterns and the other one is the way how we eat. Eating living things helps our body to revitalise it’s systems, and to help beginning the process of cell rejuvenation.

One kickstart appliance, which also gives a lot of strength and wellness, is the use of essential oils. Our creative organs, so called reproductive organs, are really associated with the smells of the world. Sniffing a new day, and your own odors, help you comprehend with ease the situtations, that are swirling around.

Those spirals in creation fascinate me

As I am beginning to practise aromatherapy, to try out it’s amazing benefits. How the oils are going to react in our bodies, how we can create a joyous environment. The smell has the ability to dictate the mood of one’s environment. Like a garden of flowers fills our senses with happiness.

This whole idea to utilise essential oils came from the desire to help my father with his illness. Many people are stuck to their old diets, and many healing modalities also seem to get stuck at some point. So I thought to give him some massage, many different smells, juices and aromatised water. All those things should begin revitalising his body and soon he will be really well.

Atleast, I am really excited to try out new things to help my father recover. It is all about changing his beliefs and a way of thinking. So he could become more healthy person and enjoy this life much more. As pleasure is the essence, we all are searching, and the deepest pleasure is hidden within la vie de joyeuse. 🙂

Oak acorns are just adorable, and really smart

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