Crossing the line

When the autumn has begun and first rays of november are closening a deep inner meditation begins. Now is the time of spirits when the veil to unseen has been liftes. I have been receiving so many energetical updates and contacts with my guides. It is awesome to know how more and more starseeds are coming to earth.

The message from my guides for the last days has been to trust the guidange and the flow within. New beginnings are starting to blossom, life is becoming more diverse than ever before. I began creating new songs, making new contacts with star people. As all of our souls are essentially from somewhere out there. 🙂

Few weeks ago we began the project of building a new studio and it has become really formidable in othet words solid. The process of manifestation has been so easy, it is unbelievable. Like I understood, it has been a wish of the spirit for a longer period of time, but I have been ignoring it. And; when we began the project, it just took off in flames.

This video made me realise how the art of creating a sacred space actually goes. As a facilitator, you are the one responsible for doing things and the great spirit, is the organiser. We all are really tools in the creater orchestration of things. Like my spirit guides have been showing it step by step. All the essence of creation begins from connecting to your heart.

Nevertheless, I decided to reorganise my blog. It has been too much focused on recipes. Actually it became boring to write about recipes, it is one big clich̩ I was sucking myself into. It is much awesome to write about everything alltogethe Рmusic, living foods, connection with starseeds, cosmic beings, soundtherapy, traveling etc.. I will be transitioning this blog into a new form.

Hope you will enjoy it! 🙂


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