Lunchbox Consciousness

We all have busy lives, or let’s say adventurous habits to make the best out of our existence. Being on the go, it becomes inevitable, that you must know how to stuff all that yummy foodstuff into your body. Sometimes there are some nice restaurants and cafes around, but at certain points you just get this apetite for food, that you can really trust.

Of course we have now numerous Vegan places in Tallinn and this trend is spreading all over the world. But in the coast of souher Spain, I could only find fruits as an edible alternative to all that was offered. Sometimes you may go nuts on taking care of your body. But, what can we do to live better lives and keep on influencing people in a positive way?

My solution was, that I began carrying a lunchbox with me on those adventurous days. Sometimes you finish up your concert around 9 p.m. and you are so hungry. Long way to home, but here it is.. My precious.. yumm.. the lunchbox. (I mean the dog on the cover is just cute, nothing to do with this topic – he minds his own business, dog with big balls)



Also I love eating out, it gives this enormous satisfaction, especially when food is organic and made with love. We have this one organic restaurant in Tallinn called NOP, they make such delightful food offering also raw and vegan options. I think it is important to ground this consciousness of living out from joy and wishing good for all the living beings.

This post really gave me a new perspective on this rise of consciousness, the sale of vegan products sales increase 1500% over past 12 months. My favourite badass governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said in this video “less meat, less heat”. It has become so inspiring, you know, and Leonardo DiCaprio making a movie on climate change.

We all should become advocates of clean environment, then the change will be profound. But, back to the subject, I have also found, that it is little bit silly to follow 100% raw food lifestyle. It doesn’t give you any kicks when you are in hunger and searching desperately a place where you can eat. Give your body some rest and enjoy yourself. Having fun time can be more nourishing than having a second hand hyper meal.

Looking back, there were really nice synchronities in Ireland. I was looking something to eat in Dublin and the hostel food was nutella + bread. So, I just left that place and went to explore the city. It is really beautiful place, I must admit. And, there suddenly, heaven – a raw snack bar. There were salads, chia puddings, fresh juices etc.. Yumm. 🙂 And, later that day, I went to this beautiful town Skerries. Guess what, yes a real juice bar. I had a smoothie and went to the beach.

Finally, I hope you all enjoyed this post and go check out Arnold, Leonardo and this Indian reservation thing. We support Standing Rock! 🙂 Of course, it is important to listen to your body when you are looking for the right nutrition, take it easy on yourself. Plus an update, there will be soon coming an interview on “intuitive eating”. It changed alot of things on this perspective how should we eat. Is the food, that comes to us or are we the one’s who have to chase it.

Enjoy your kicks of happiness!


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